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Do these changes to the 16 bus route impact you?

16 bus route changes

From the Sunday 30th October there will be changes to the local bus services that impacts residents of Clewer & Dedworth West. The new routes and times will be published after the date but here are the links to where you will find the information.

The main change seems to be that the 16 coming from Oakley Green will not go up Wolf Lane and Foster Avenue, following Clewer Hill Road instead.

  • 16 will no longer pick up Wolf Lane and Foster Avenue
  • 2 will pick up Wolf Lane and Foster Avenue
  • W1 is going to be more spread out throughout the day

More details can be found in the second part of the press release below.

If you have any issues with the bus changes to Clewer & Dedworth West then let me know and I can feed that back

Interim changes to help steer bus companies on a smoother post-Covid journey

Interim changes to subsidised bus services in the borough, designed to support operators on a smoother post-Covid journey, will come into effect from Sunday 30 October.

The changes to certain sections of some routes, to the timetables of some buses and to the frequency of some routes, will affect services provided by Thames Valley Buses, White Bus and Bear Buses so please check the new timings and routes carefully prior to travelling.

Services will be maintained at peak times with some routes and services expanded, providing more options for travellers. No dedicated school services will be impacted, however, some public buses which serve schools will see minor changes.

Bus operators nationally, like the wider public transport sector, face a number of challenges, including changing working and travel patterns arising from Covid. This comes at a time when bus usage levels remain low compared to pre-pandemic levels and companies are having to cope with extra fuel and other cost pressures.

In the Royal Borough, around half of the bus routes are currently subsidised and bus companies rely on targeted post-Covid recovery funding, which will eventually come to an end.

To avoid losing whole routes in this uncertain environment, we’ve worked closely with bus companies to support them post-Covid, investing extra money in 2022/23 to maintain subsidised services for the time being, with a few adjustments.

This is a temporary approach while we work with operators and communities to establish a longer-term solution for the bus network from April next year that reflects changing traveller habits, with the aim of keeping residents connected in a cost-effective manner.

Councillor Phil Haseler, Cabinet Member for Planning, Parking, Highways & Transport, said: “These interim changes, agreed with bus companies, will avoid the removal of whole routes, while maintaining a good level of provision while we carry out this wider work on longer-term solutions for our bus network together.

“We recognise that bus services are valuable to our communities and businesses, in tackling climate change, and for some people this is their main way of travelling around the borough and beyond. At the same time, operators are local businesses facing unprecedented challenges and difficult decisions. This is why we’re taking this proactive approach, supporting and steering operators on their journey to transition fully and effectively into a post-Covid operating environment.

“Over the next two weeks, we’ll be widely publicising the changes coming into effect, including information at our libraries and on our website notifying users of the changes on the impacted routes. If you use any of the services affected, please do take the time to familiarise yourself with these ready for the end of October.”

For full details, pick up a leaflet from the library or visit

Keep an eye on the Thames Valley Buses (, White Bus ( and Bear Buses ( websites for revised timetables.

The changes are as follows:

Bear Buses

Some 305 services will be extended to Datchet providing residents with a new destination, as well as offer those living in Datchet with the opportunity to travel eastbound. The 305 will now serve Datchet towards Poyle at 9:32am, 12:23pm and 2:03pm, and towards Staines at 10:11am, 12:51pm and 2:31pm. There will be no reduction in 305 services, but some services will take longer to reach their destination
From Staines towards Poyle, buses at stops from Colnbrook onwards will be eight minutes later than previously (on the 7:30am, 9:10am and midday services). From Poyle to Staines, buses at stops from Horton Village onwards will be nine minutes later than previously (on the 10am, 12:40pm and 2:20pm services).

White Bus

The level of service will remain the same with some morning journeys changing, including the 7:25am departing from Ascot diverted via Windsor Great Park and Old Windsor to Windsor schools.

There will be fewer P1 services operating throughout the day based on its current route
The first service will be at 8am (compared to 7am previously), and the last service will be at 5:40pm (compared to 8:50pm previously)
There will be seven services to Datchet, compared to three previously. These include services earlier and later in the day providing new options to use buses for commuting and school travel.

There will still be five journeys on each weekday, however these will be spread throughout the day meaning more afternoon services. Services will now run between 9:52am and 6:28pm, compared to between 9:42am and 1:28pm. For passengers travelling to west Windsor that are now unable to use the W1, passengers are encouraged to look at the timetable for the Thames Valley Buses 16 and 2 services
Both the W1 and P1 will now start and terminate at Windsor Parish Church, instead of Barclays Bank. This is so that passengers wishing to travel between the W1 and P1, onto Dedworth or Datchet, can stay on the bus.

Thames Valley Buses

The section of route between Eton Wick and Maidenhead will be withdrawn where passenger numbers are very low and will now run hourly between Slough and Eton Wick making a significant improvement in the frequency of the service at that point. Passengers travelling to Maidenhead will be able to travel onwards from Slough by frequent rail services or First Bus service 4. Please check the 15 service timetable.


  • The 2 will be rerouted between Slough and Windsor to serve Datchet. The service will remain approximately hourly throughout the day, but times will change
  • The 2 will also be rerouted in the Dedworth area to serve Wolf Lane and Foster Avenue on journeys towards Dedworth
  • Journey times between Windsor and Slough will be slightly longer due to the extension to serve Datchet
  • Datchet will now benefit from 13 services a day towards Windsor and Dedworth, and 13 towards Slough.


  • The service will run as the number 16 only but with some significant changes to make the service between Maidenhead and Windsor more direct, with quicker journey times between the two towns. Some parts of the route are being withdrawn but will be served by alternative buses. The route remains on an hourly basis, however current times will change
  • The 16 will no longer serve Holyport. It will still be served by route 53, which runs between Bracknell and Maidenhead, and for much of the day this service will divert to include the loop at Stroud Farm Road. Passengers can still use the 16 service which will pass the end of Holyport Road on the A308
  • Between Windsor Road and Dedworth, the revised 16 will run along the route of the current 16A via Fifield and Oakley Green. Passengers in the Testwood Road area will still be able to use the 2 service
  • The 16 will no longer serve Wolf Lane and Foster Avenue.  These roads will instead be served by the amended 2 service, which runs between Slough and Windsor. Passengers can still catch the 16 service via a short walk to Dedworth Road
  • The 16 service will no longer serve Linden Avenue and St Mark’s Hospital, Maidenhead (though at school times will still extend to/from Newlands Girls’ School).  Passengers in this part of the route are advised to use the revised 3 and 9 services.

A new timetable is being introduced for the 7 service which will still run half hourly. After leaving Sawyers Crescent, all journeys to Maidenhead will run via Bissley Drive and Lowbrook Drive. The service will have a number of morning and afternoon journeys timed to connect with the faster trains to London.

This service is being amended to operate between Maidenhead town centre and Boulters Lock only, on an hourly frequency but with new times. Passengers for Belmont Road, St Mark’s Hospital, Farm Road, Headington Road, Camley Gardens and Halifax Road estate are advised to use the rerouted 9 service. Passengers for St Mark’s Hospital can also use the revised 3 service.

A new timetable is being introduced for the 9 service which will still run hourly, and the route will change to that used currently on a Sunday – via Camley Gardens, Farm Road and Belmont Road – as a replacement for the section of the 8 service which is being withdrawn.

A new timetable is being introduced for this service, which will still run hourly, and the outbound route between Maidenhead town centre and Highfield Lane will change to run via St Mark’s Road and the hospital, then Courthouse Road and Bath Road. This is to provide a direct service to the hospital which will be lost as a result of the changes to services 8 and 16. Passengers travelling to Wootton Way and Boyn Hill Road can stay on the bus around the loop until its return journey.

234, 235, 238 & 239
There will be minor timetable changes on these services to improve punctuality and reliability.

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