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Sutherland Grange “Recycling” Centre for Everyone & Anyone

fly tipping sutherland grange

Do you remember when Sutherland Grange was allowed to look like this?

sutherland grange bins

A popular dumping ground for everyone & anyone who had rubbish they wanted to get rid of. Workmen would drive past after finishing a job and just throw their waste on top of the rest of the rubbish that was strewn there.

fly tipping sutherland grange covid-19

It was the bane of my life, constantly having to ask the waste contractors to come and remove the latest pile of fly tipping from Sutherland Grange.

sutherland grange bed

Bins galore, filled to overflowing… allowed to remain for a YEAR longer than necessary at the cost tens, most likely hundreds of thousands of pounds all because a few residents with cozy relationships with the administration were allowed to have their way!

It cost between a few hundred and a few thousand, EVERY TIME the contractor visited the site and that might be up to 4 times a day at its peak!

Sutherland Grange overflowing 3

Eventually, after a consultation and constant lobbying of officers, the “recycling” bins were removed.

Just embarrassing… who in their right mind would think this was OK?

Beggars belief…


Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey


Clewer & Dedworth West

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