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Anyone for Coffee? Alternative plans for AL21

AL22 development on old squires garden centre

Once upon a time there was a coffee shop or two at this end of Windsor but not now and if the Tories or their friends get voted in, there could be blocks of flats and terraced town houses as far as the eye can see!

For some areas of land, like AL22, planning applications have already been granted since the Borough Local Plan (BLP) got adopted early last year by this Conservative administration.

It should be noted, the previous Conservative Councillors for Dedworth did nothing to prevent their inclusion in the BLP.

For AL21 I am hopeful that significant improvements can be made during the planning process as the current plan for the north looks rather intense.

Your can read the full planning application here, search 23/00582

The views of Bray Parish Council found here

And the views of The Windsor & Eton Society below…

My experience of Planning over the last 4 years has been one of the panels saying “yes“ or “no“, they don’t tend to suggest improvements.

We are constantly warned by officers, if we say “no” they could appeal and would be given permission by the Inspector.

With a more balanced, democratic administration then things could change… Cllrs could share their thoughts and recommend changes in the meetings and developers could be sent away, not with a NO NEVER but with ideas that if included would see the plan viewed more favourably at the next planning panel.

Surely the above approach would protect the RBWM from developers’ challenging decisions, which seems to be the greatest fear of the Planning team.

What RBWM needs is a council where true democracy reigns, local ward Councillors can air their thoughts on a topic and be heard by their peers and not run roughshod over by a whipped Tory administration.

It’s down to residents to make this happen on 4th May 2023.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey


Clewer & Dedworth West 

One response to “Anyone for Coffee? Alternative plans for AL21”

  1. Dear Cllr.
    You are, no doubt, aware that large areas are now designated as being “Water Stressed” i.e. inadequate water supplies for the future and yet dense developments are still allowed.
    Isn’t it time that the Council’s Planners are made aware of this and include it in its considerations.
    Putting us on water meters and just repairing neglected mains is not a real answer to this emergency.
    We need more water or less development or both.
    Water is essential, not a luxury.

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