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Launching BLT Walk & Talk in Windsor

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Blokes Losing Timber (BLT) is about helping men lose “timber” in whatever shape that comes.

  • You might want to lose a few pounds by walking regularly
  • There is lots of talk around men’s mental health and exercise being good for that
  • Work may be proving elusive or you may have too much on
  • Come and share your struggles, others may have ideas that could help
  • You might just want an excuse to get out of the housework 😉

This is not a professional coaching session, it’s a gathering of blokes who first and foremost, what to go for a nice walk and perhaps have a pint after.

Neither is it a dating agency! 

BLT is aimed at blokes, of all ages, who would like to talk about this and that while enjoying a nice walk (usually around 5 miles).

You might not want to talk, preferring to listen… that’s fine too.

We currently host BLT Walk & Talks 3 days a month and will run more as volunteers step up to lead the way… book your place…

BLT Walk & Talk (required)

Thank you.

Jon Davey

BLT Community Manager

07717 820823

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