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Thank you to Tesco Customers for Donating Thousands of Pounds to Windsor Rugby

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Tesco’s Dedworth customers are mighty generous. During the recent Rugby World Cup they gave over £3000 to help the squad members who wouldn’t be able to afford to go on the Minis Rugby Tour next year without your support.

The money will pay for kit, travel & accommodation on their trip to PGL Windmill Hill Hailsham next year for 3 days.

Kim, U12s Manager at Windsor Rugby was really pleased with the result, as we were and said…

“It was lovely to see our rugby children and  families really getting involved with the members of our local commitee, who I would like to add were all so lovely, generous and kind.

With the money raised we have been able to support many of our families who would not have been able to go away with us and we can’t thank you enough .”

Many residents have been involved with Windsor Rugby over the years and so it made sense to have a fundraiser every Saturday of the World Cup and we achieved our goal.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our customers who dug deep and will have made it possible for a few kids to join their team mates on the tour which will be great fun, hard work and a once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Community Champion

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