RBWM Community & Facebook Groups Emergency Liaison Group

I am a local borough Councillor and have created the RBWM Community & Facebook Groups Emergency Liaison Group to share best practice at this time. I am sharing this information with RBWM so they know what is going on in the community.

Description: This group is aimed at people who are Facebook Group Admins, RBWM local parish & borough Councillors, committee members of community groups who want to understand best practice at this time. It’s not open to the general public to avoid chitter chatter. Feel free to share information you find relevant.

THANK YOU to all those who want to help but please, don’t knock on doors of strangers as that might worry them. We should all simply be keeping an eye on our neighbours and offering assistance if they need it. If each of us offered to help two other families, we’d have most of it covered.

I am actively inviting people who match the above profile and if you know of any please ask them to join the group via the link above.

If you know of any groups, both online and offline, that people should know about then please tell us below…

Windsor Community Support Groups

RBWM Community Hub Activation – Brand new OFFICIAL RBWM Channel which will aim to support other groups as listed below.

Caring for the Carers – Windsor
This group has been setup as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to support care companies and carers who look after a relative, friend or neighbour who is frail, disabled, and/or has a long-term illness. This group is specifically for people who are prepared to offer the time and effort to get basic training to provide that is required. This to safeguard you as a volunteer and the people being cared for.

Clewer Hill Road Self Isolation Help Group

Clewer Village Windsor coronavirus community response
Clewer Village group is for people in the area to share information and coordinate support for neighbours who may not be on social media.

Covid-19 Help and Share Community Group – Windsor/Maidenhead/Slough
The idea of this page is simply to set up a Facebook community in the Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough area to help people who are vulnerable, the elderly and people who are genuinely in need of help throughout this Coronavirus outbreak. People can share things no longer required that others may need and help people that cannot go out to collect things for themselves. If people are short of something then they can let each other know by posting in the group and people can then let them know if they can help etc.

Driven Forward

Duke Street Windsor
Duke Street – group set up to coordinate volunteers across the street and ensure we are looking after the vulnerable with any of their needs. Whatsapp group and messages exist for those not on fb or next door.

Hatch Lane Windsor
This group is to help connect people living on Hatch Lane, Windsor. It is also open to people living on roads that connect off Hatch Lane.

Holyport Cares

Poolmans/Priors/Monks/Wyatt (PPMW) Rd Emergency Plan
Setup to bring the community together in Poolmans Rd, Priors Rd, Monks Rd and Wyatt Rd, during coronavirus in case of an emergency. Also, just to keep in touch, do odd jobs, shopping and general help for each other.

The Baby Bank
Provides essentials to families in extreme need

West Windsor Hub
West Windsor Hub @ All Saints Dedworth is here to help those in our community in need during the time of Covid-19. Call 01753 342110.

Windsor (U.K.) Community Emergency Plan Volunteers
Primary purpose to manage the network of volunteers across Windsor who will help in the general sense, those that could probably help themselves under normal circumstances

Windsor Street Angels
Windsor Street Angels – charity covering Windsor town centre looking after night time economy and rough sleepers

Wider Windsor Area

Ascot Gossip Girls
We are an offshoot of the hugely popular Facebook group Ascot Gossip Girls and are made up of people local to Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale. We have been coordinating a huge effort to contact all of our elderly and vulnerable neighbours and have been very successful, with hundreds of roads covered in a very short time. We have been able to reassure many very worried people and help others with their shopping and other essential tasks. The group continues to grow daily and we are pleased to be able to give hope and reassurance at the worrying time.

Ascot People
A local community FB group with 11k members. Plenty of people willing to volunteer their services but nothing co-ordinated through our site. We are directing our members to volunteer for the organisations and charities that are already set up and require volunteers.

Bray Village
Bray Village is a group for people who live in Bray Village and offers support for anyone in need in the village. We have a group of volunteers who will run errands for anyone elderley, vulnerable or in need in the village. Contact details will be displayed shortly on the village hall noticeboard.

Bray Ward Support

Datchet Corona Volunteers
A group set up to help the elderly, self isolating and vulnerable people of Datchet cope during the Covid-19 outbreak. We help with shopping, urgent supplies, posting mail or can provide a friendly voice to anybody that feels helpless or isolated.

Eton Community
The Eton Community page describes the support available to the residents of Eton

Eton Town Council

Windsor & Ascot Neighbourhood Watch

Eton Wick Parish Council

Old Windsor Parish Council

Wraysbury & Horton Voluntary Care
WHVC is already an established group of volunteers dedicated to helping the elderly and vulnerable residents of Horton & Wraysbury. Due to the considerable concern and uncertainty that many residents will face due to Covid 19 we as a group will be supporting them in whatever way we can. This could be shopping, collection and delivery of prescriptions, pastoral care, meals on wheels, etc.

Maidenhead Area

Cookham SOS

Cox Green SOS

Holyport Cares Volunteers

Maidenhead Community Volunteer Group

Maidenhead covid-19 mutual aid group

Maidenhead Mosque

Maidenhead Foodshare

People to Places – Maidenhead


Our Community Enterprise
We are a small social enterprise based in Maidenhead and commissioned by the borough to provide advice and support to charities and community groups re fundraising from trusts and government. This means large grants c.£20k+, not general fundraising from the community. At the moment we are working out how best to help, and are watching out for changes in if/how grant makers respond to need since the virus emergency, plus how gov grants for charity businesses will be allocated and administered. Further details will be confirmed but we thought it useful to show our support here now. Add our details if you think appropriate.

Tell us about Community and Facebook Groups people need to know about on this page…