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I love Windsor do you?

i love windsor crest

The latest initiative from Jon Davey, looking to have a product he could call almost his own…

I Love Windsor is a new site which will allow you to buy images in multiple formats:

  • You might want to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday.
  • You may well be a tourist in town for 1 day only and looking for something to take home with you.
  • You could be a company looking to recognise your team with picture, sharing memories.

Whatever the reason, I Love Windsor makes it possible…

We’re only days away from having our first products ready to go and I just wanted to create some easy on the eye web space that I can point potential clients too.

Have a wander around and do stay in touch…

Here’s how to stay in touch: 

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If you’d rather talk real time then give me a call on 07717 820823 or email jonathan l davey @ gmail .com (without the spaces).

Thank you.


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