The Welsh Guards playing outside Windsor Castle

welsh guards playing outside windsor castle

Welsh Guards marching & playing outside Windsor Castle for Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee

This is a brand new project and I just wanted to get some images up on the site for your viewing pleasure.

This image will be printed as a poster, a canvas, on t-shirt or mugs & probably as a clock 😉

Pricing is currently being worked out and you’ll be able to order soon…

Here’s how to stay in touch: 

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Alternatively just sign up for the blog, bottom right, and receive the blogs as we push them out… could be more than once a day & some days we’ll miss because we’re having some fun of our own 😉

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If Twitter’s your bag then @windsordaily is where it is at.

If you’d rather talk real time then give me a call on 07717 820823 or email jonathan l davey @ gmail .com (without the spaces).

Thank you.


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