Hiring mobility scooters in Windsor

Hiring mobility scooters in Windsor is very easy… call 01753 622330 and ask for availability for when you are coming to town.

Based at the coach park…

Open Monday—Saturday 10:00am—5:00pm*
The Coach Park
Alma Road
Telephone: 01753 622330
E-mail: shopmobility@people2places.org.uk

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs available…

mum using scooter araound frogmore house

Come and enjoy Windsor’s Parks, visit Windsor Castle, do a spot of shopping, meet friends in town, picnic in the park, go on a boat on The Thames, enjoy a meal out…

windsor shop mobility prices

If you are coming to Windsor for the day then pay us just £10 and you can park with us for FREE…

Locals are silly not to pay us for annual membership, just £22 and you can park with us for FREE and use a mobility scooter every day of the year for the same fee… why would you not make use of this fantastic service…

They are so easy to drive as well… come and give it a go… we’d love to see you soon… we’ve got plenty of scooters…

windsor shop mobility scooters

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