There are not enough Jon Davey’s in the World

jon davey being scanned for 3d model for posterity

It’s been said, or so I’m told, I prefer not to listen to idle gossip but seriously, as I walk the streets of Windsor with my campaign leaflet, many have said thank you for standing, we need a real choice of candidates!

Times they are a changing on Sheet Street…

I bumped into Mr Mark Handley a couple of days ago walking in the Park and then today, to reinforce the obvious need for change, I was approached by a man with a laser gun! He explained how he’d produced hundreds of 3D items and like Woody in Toy Story, they needed a leader and so if I didn’t mind, would I sit down so he could scan me with his laser gun and make not just one perfect copy of my boat race but as many as are needed to secure Independence not just in Windsor but further afield in Berkshire and on to the UK via Saturn possibly Pluto and other planets you can thing of! Oi, I heard that 😉

I assisted YouInvent & CrowdPatch with the Forest School 3D Printer crowd funding project just before Christmas when my BerkshireBlog crowd stepped up to the plate and helped raise the money needed to secure a new 3D Printer.

If your school could benefit from a 3D Printer then ping me an email and I will join the necessary dots… in the meantime, if you think your toys have been moving around of their own accord, don’t worry, vote for me and all will be well 😉

Thank you.


P.S. There is a Parliamentary hustings this evening at All Saints Church, Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JW. 7:00 for 7:30PM

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