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Windsor General Elelction Hustings All Saints Church, Dedworth

windsor hustings all saints church the candidates 4

Oh what a night! To a packed house at All Saints Church Windsor, hosted by Reverend “DD” Louise took charge of the runners in this year’s Parliamentary Elections 2015.

windsor hustings all saints church the audience 1

Being a horsey lady she had no problem with a packed stable… hundreds turned out to hear what the candidates had to say!

The BBC really needs to pop along next time and consider her for David Dimbleby’s job… BRILLIANT work… as the lead photo shows, even Adam Afriyie, the sitting MP, knew who the boss was 😉

windsor hustings all saints church the candidates

Each candidate was given 7 minutes to say their piece, to get over their main points so we could then move onto questions. Reverend Louise gave each up to 5 minutes to respond but they would be looked on more favourably if they didn’t dally and just said what they needed to say. That’s so true anyway, the audience would get bored with too much waffle…

windsor hustings all saints church the audience 2

They touched on NHS, housing, education, Europe and a bunch of stuff but what’s important at a hustings is that you get to know the candidates… there’s the old adage about when do you know a politician is lying, they’re moving their lips or some such… that was so not the case.

Obviously the parties that have breached promises, all the main ones, have the brand round their necks and obviously they can’t get away from the stench each one has left behind… so that reflects on the candidate which leaves the Independent and Green folk in a good place, it’s much more on their own shoulders.

I’ll sum up how I thought each candidate did in the order that I feel fairly represents their presentations yesterday evening.

windsor hustings all saints church derek wall green who am i

Derek Wall of the Green Party came out top. He had a solid answer for every question that was posted and was educating the audience with every syllable… he got the most RT’s & Likes when I posted images… these came from a couple of Canadians but hey, they all count in Twitterland!

windsor hustings all saints church wisdom da costa independent who am i

Wisdom Da Costa standing as the Independent choice came in second with a very impressive range of responses to the questions being laid down. He’s also been very supportive of me in my own Independent campaign but that isn’t colouring my judgement here.

windsor hustings all saints church adam afriyie conservative who am i

Adam Afriyie is Conservative. A very polished performer and speaks with passion, wisdom and authority on many topics. It’s just unfortunate that he mentioned the local Tory councillors and the great work they are doing a few times and the thing is, the local people know what they are doing and really don’t think they are doing that good a job. I did suggest he talks to Wisdom after the campaign about the multi million pound black hole and kick some councillors butt for the associated embarrassment they are causing him. I’m sure he will…

windsor hustings all saints church fiona dent labour who am i

Fiona Dent for Labour has a single mission around NHS and that’s commendable but Labour were killing it before the Tories jumped on the band wagon. A very likeable lady and if she’s not a local councillor then she should be is my recommendation.

windsor hustings all saints church george fussey liberal democrats who am i

George Fussey the Lib Dem chap. I felt that he knew he had no chance and was just making up the numbers on this one. A nice chap but perhaps they need fresh blood for next time.

windsor hustings all saints church reverend louise 1

There are a couple more husting before the elections and you should really get yourself along to feel their respective vibes for yourself. I do hope the orgnaisers of those events consider inviting Reverend “David Dimbleby” Louise to be host. (If those in the know could post below)

I’m hoping to organise a local council one for Park Ward in the coming weeks… watch this space.

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you on the streets over the coming weeks.

Thank you.


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