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Last day of my first RBWM election campaign

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The last month has been fun mixing old and new methods of campaign engagement… mixing the doorstep challenge with social media engagement…

One thing I read just as my campaign began was about how the Green Party had achieved 50% of the under 24 vote in the last General Election, while the Tories got 50% of the over 60 vote…

This explains why the Tories main focus is on saving grandma 40p on her council tax! How very patronising but hey, it probably works. Thing is they are not that hot with social media and getting down with the kids.

Russell Brand has been saying for years “don’t vote” but only a few days ago changed his mind and has given Ed Miliband his support after an interview he did with Ed on his own TV Channel “The Trews” which has over 1,111,111 subscribers got over 1.2 million views! The chat he had with the Green Party got over 300,000 views… he is a man of influence and Cameron chose a negative tack which could well backfire.

I don’t have a million subscribers, more like 9 for the I Love Windsor blog… could do with a few more… sign up down the left 😉

But I do have access to social media channels and figured if I created a page with all the links on to all the stories from the last month, showing the most popular at the top, then on this, the last day I could share this page far and wide this morning… then spend the afternoon walking the streets, delivering my flyer to the last few houses on St Leonard’s Hill that haven’t enjoyed its words yet… posted this tweet yesterday from outside the home of my main competitor…

Click on the stories that resonate with you and please, if you feel the vibe, share them via your own preferred social media channels and let’s see what tomorrow brings… thank you.

Home page / Archives 552 27.7%
Happy Birthday Your Majesty, nice cup of Yorkshire Tea? 159 8.0%
Park Ward, Windsor Candidate Jon Davey 158 7.9%
Windsor Leisure Centre is blossoming! 151 7.6%
Primary Concern: Where are my kids going to live in Windsor? 122 6.1%
RBWM Council Election Candidates 2015 102 5.1%
Windsor Independents Park Ward Election Flyer 89 4.5%
Windsor & Maidenhead Candidates – 2015 Borough Council Election 75 3.8%
“Windsor Day” Bank Holiday Celebrations 2016 59 3.0%
Windsor General Elelction Hustings All Saints Church, Dedworth 57 2.9%
Tory Councillor Simon Dudley BLOCKS Independent Windsor Candidate on Twitter 56 2.8%
What is RBWM Tory Leader David Burbage MBE interest in my campaign? 39 2.0%
Who is Wisdom Da Costa, Windsor’s Independent Candidate for Parliament? 38 1.9%
Wisdom Da Costa responds to Tory Tactics 37 1.9%
Windsor Candidates for the Parliamentary Election 2015 34 1.7%
St George’s Day should be a National Holiday 34 1.7%
Financial expert identifies £33m shortfall in RBWM Budgets 33 1.7%
Doing my bit for Windsor 29 1.5%
Who is Jonathan Davey? 28 1.4%
LEGOLAND set to EXPAND unless you ACT by 14th May… 20 1.0%
There are not enough Jon Davey’s in the World 19 1.0%
Fancy a spot of Dragon Boat Racing on Dorney Lake? 16 0.8%
Preparing to canvass Park Ward for Windsor’s local elections 15 0.8%
It’s time for a change at RBWM Council 12 0.6%
The Green Room 11 0.6%
Russell Brand talks politics with Ed Miliband 10 0.5%
Rotarians helping the people of Nepal 7 0.4%
Youth Speaks 6 0.3%
What are the things that most concern Park Ward residents? 6 0.3%
Green shoots of Spring with Russell Brand 5 0.3%
Should we have wind farms in Windsor? 5 0.3%
#EarthDay2015 requires us to change our ways 3 0.2%
Careers Fair 3 0.2%
Advent Calendar 2 0.1%
House Building Using Community Shares in RBWM 2 0.1%

Don’t waste your vote, make sure you use it and vote for someone…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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