The George, Windsor & Eton, Great Beer & Well Hung Beef

There is nothing better than celebrating a great local business that is going from strength to strength…

We’re always hearing about the new technology businesses in the thriving Thames Valley… all those noughts and ones producing serious code that some investment guru will position at 100x value in order to take a few bankers for a ride… good luck to them 😉

BUT today we heard about a good old traditional business that is looking to offer the finest quality services, with the finest quality products to ensure fully satisfied customers each time, every time…

(Sorry my voice is very faint, some will think it a blessing!)

I’ve known Will Calvert for years, since my lad was 6 and joined Windsor Football Club… I was the keen dad with two left feet who found himself standing closest to the touch line when Willy was looking for a coach for New Windsor Robins… for 3 or 4 years I was the coach until it was more about football than motivation… I know my limits 😉

Top bloke, he called me in to big up the next phase of Windsor & Eton Brewery… The George is their first pub but it will certainly not be their last… let’s hear a few words from some of the other key people involved in this new venture…

You’d best pop in when you’re passing and sample some of their vitals…

Thank you.


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