Holyport Petition to be heard at Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 28th July 2015

I’ve really enjoyed being part of this process and appreciate all the likes, comments and shares folks have made… THANK YOU.

Nearly 4000 page views of the 3 blogs have been achieved and I still need to sit down and count all the likes, comments and shares for my stats brain to be happy! And I do like to join my dots… I have been raising money for the kids in Nepal after the Everest earthquake and so here goes… we’re over £1000 but I still have a bunch of Tomola Prizes up for grabs…

Contribute via BT Donate here >>>

If you have enjoyed my blog posts on the Holyport College Petition and especially if they drove you to add your name to it, I was wondering if you would like to say thank you by buying 3 tickets in the Tombola for £10… all the money is going to The Juniper Fund and the prizes are mostly from Windsor based businesses… toys, meals out!

Contribute via BT Donate here >>>

On donating you’ll get a thank you email from High Wycombe Rotary Club… rest assured that your contribution will all go to The Juniper Fund.

Then at the end of each day I will draw tickets for those who have contributed and push this out live on video so you can see fair play in action… I will then contact the winners and make arrangements to get their envelopes to them 😉

dragon boat challenge 2015 almost champions

We had fun Dragon Boating… I’ve also had fun getting involved with this campaign because I hate greed in all its forms and if there has been a misuse of power by senior councillors then there needs to be a public enquiry with the Ombudsman asking the right questions.

social media directors rbwm petition

It was great to get this thank you note from Catherine, the lady who created the petition…

Hi Jon,

Just to let you know, I’ve been on the phone to RBWM this morning and they’ve agreed to close the petition early so we can get it discussed at the next full council meeting on 28th July.

This means the petition will now close on 15th July — a week today.

Thanks so much for getting the word out — we owe much of the phenomenal momentum to you — if you are able to give it a final push over the next seven days, that will also be much appreciated.



Do you know “Thank you” is one of the most powerful phrases in the universe? Watch these videos about Dr Emoto… it is the reason I sign off all my emails with thank you.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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