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Talking business networking pearls while taking us back to the Twenties at Cliveden House

Cliveden House breakfast networking

Well they thought the 60’s was a little risqué for a summer breakfast at Cliveden House, NOT by the pool but in the French Dining Room, merci 😉

cliveden house fountain

David Clarke was our speaker, ex England blind football Captain, who gave an excellent talk on the mindset required to overcome the obstacles that can get in our way… not just the “leaves on the track” but the real blockers, people in positions of power who don’t get people not in power! Individuals who don’t make the most of the variety of skills people in general can offer… open your eyes to the potential of your fellow man is what I got from it… David talks spatial awareness…

David Clarke explains spacial awareness Twenties Cliveden House

But that could because Deborah was being mindful and programmed me to think that after…

But then Mark was being more mindful because after we shot this…

He shot this… mindful of my ability to help others while forgetting to help myself… good lad…

Thank you Cliveden House for providing a great setting for a morning’s networking and if you are thinking of where to host an event, budget is not too much of a limiting factor and you think Cliveden House looks jolly nice then give Alexandra Bew a bell on 01628 607179.

Cliveden house main house

cliveden house clock tower

cliveden house clock tower walled garden

cliveden house walled garden

cliveden house fireplace

cliveden house main hall

green tea at cliveden house

cliveden house window onto garden

cliveden house fountain drive

I got there a little earlier and shot a few pics… enjoy…

Thank you.


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