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From Fat Bastard to KEYNOTE Speaker at Olympia in just 12 months

jon davey slimmers world christmas 2015

I’d like to end this year by helping some other fat bastards get off on the right foot for 2016 by encouraging them to join Slimming World Windsor, eat loads of the right foods and lose pounds into the bargain 😉

Last January I joined my local Slimming World club in Windsor and was warmly welcomed by Kelly Taylor, her husband Richard and the rest of the Saturday 11:30am crew.

jon davey first home office 2001

For most of my life I have been a skinny fellow… I stopped smoking 14 years ago and from that point my weight slowly climbed as I enjoyed actually tasting my food! This picture was taken outside my first “home office” when we moved into our current house 15 years ago… 100 phone calls a day I made from that shed… while smoking too many fags!

Trevor Davey Slimmers World 20 stones 2011

A few years ago I’d lost a couple of stone in a New Year competition with my father. He chose Slimmers World, Otley… I chose to do it my own way by walking the dog further, more quickly and eating less as it seemed the logical thing to do.

By the end of March we’d both lost 2½ stone and shook hands on a job well done.

Trevor Davey Slimmers World 15 stones January 2013

I’d achieved my goal so stopped the process as it was too difficult to maintain but dad kept on going, losing a massive 72lbs in his 72nd year 😉

I have a physical imbalance which makes my right side get stronger way faster than my left, throwing my back out if I do too much exercise. So while exercise combined with less food has been the traditional weight loss model for many, it leaves me requiring massages to ease the back pain.

I steadily put the weight back on while dad kept his off by attending regular Slimming World meetings…

jonathan davey slimmers world august 2014

Last summer 2014, my wife Ali took this picture of me walking on the beach… what a fat bastard!

In 2013 I had to fold my business after a couple of years of silently battling to keep things afloat but in the end I had to let it go, after 15 years and had to start rebuilding myself. For me this was a massive moment. In the USA going bust is a “right of passage”, in the UK it’s seen as a weakness.

So you have to fall off your bike and get right back on again unsure of which direction to go in…

One thing for sure, when many successful people talk to a fat person they immediately think “lazy bastard” why would you want to be fat… he can’t be that good at what he does! I’d rather deal with a skinner person who’s going to take up less room at meetings!

  • Being slimmer looks better for everyone.
  • Being slimmer means there is less sweat being shared!
  • Being slimmer gives you real confidence in yourself and your ability which shines through… you can feel it.
  • Being slimmer means people take you more seriously and are less judgemental.
  • Being slimmer means your bodies organs are healthier as they are not carrying the internal fat they once were.
  • Being slimmer means you can cuddle up way better than you did before.

I’ve lost over 3½ stone in 2015 which has been life changing and plan on taking off another stone for my 51st birthday at the end of March 2016.

slimming world windsor kelly taylor christmas 2015


You can try doing things on your own but you will learn far more by talking to others at weekly Slimming World meetings and the support from fellow food lovers is priceless. It also makes you more accountable to yourself by weighing in regularly. Some weeks you gain but most weeks you’ll maintain or lose and so that means overall you’ll shed those pounds, those stones…

tbs2015 jonathan l davey banner

In November I was a keynote speaker at Olympia and it felt great to be able to do those front buttons up in the suit and look as good as possible for the crowd… and for ME 😉

Can I strongly recommend you get your fat arse along to Slimming World in Windsor at the start of 2016 so you can have a skinny arse by 2017 and enjoy your life way more than you are right now!

And if you know someone who could benefit from Slimming World, show them this story and encourage them to get along.

Thank you.


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  1. Well done!

    1. Well done, I started in October and would recommend Slimming World to anyone who finally realises it is time to do something about their weight. Losing the weight is just part of it, gaining some new self-esteem counts for an awful lot too.

  2. Congratulations and keep at it Jon 😀

  3. Congratulations Jon – good story!

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