Want a Windsor Monopoly Game for Christmas 2016?

If you want a Windsor Monopoly Game for Christmas 2016 then you need to vote and make it quick…

Don’t pass go, simply email homecounties@winningmoves.co.uk with “I vote for Windsor” in the subject line before tomorrow midnight on Friday 18th March… tomorrow…

So DO IT NOW and keep your fingers crossed… happy days…

If you don’t vote for Windsor then it could be Guildford… they are currently top of the leader board… sort it out Windsor.

vote for windsor monopoly

We have just been informed that Guildford currently have 31% of the votes and Windsor has 30%. With 3 days left (NOW JUST 1 and a bit) to vote I would urge all Windsor businesses, residents and anyone who thinks Windsor is a great place to live, work and play to VOTE!!!. Only email votes count and you must email homecounties@winningmoves.co.uk
Paul Roach Town Centre Manager

Other contenders: Marlow, Cranbrook, Epping Forest and St Albans

Thank you.


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