I Love Windsor Social Media Sharers

How about getting recognised / rewarded for YOUR social media engagement in Windsor?

People share things they like via social media and that needs to be kept as REAL as possible but wouldn’t it be great if you got rewarded for your efforts by local businesses?

Paying some people in the Far East to like or share your stuff is of no real value to any of us… but getting local people to share your stuff, now that can work because most of their connections are likely to be local. But they do need a reason to share…

So how about earning points for your social media engagement… the more active and real you are in your love for what you are sharing, the more points you score… then business owners approach me and say they want to engage with Windsor’s TOP 10 social media people on a subject and we can identify them in minutes, sharing with them the SPECIAL opportunity available to a select few 😉

This is a new concept so we are just finding our feet and currently give:

• 1 point for a like / love (trebled for onward likes)
• 3 points for a share / RT (trebled for onward likes)
• 5 points for a comment (any likes / shares of your comment score treble too!)

Any sharing is going to benefit from carrying the hashtag #ILWUK

As an INTRODUCTORY OFFER companies that want us to help them generate more interest in Windsor pay us £75 + VAT per month or take advantage of our buy 2 get 1 free deal, 3 months for £150 + VAT.

Plus companies give us free product to give away to our, sorry YOUR sharers 😉 Not something for everyone but a prize pot for those who do the most sharing.

You send us content and decent size graphics that you have ownership of / rights to use and we’ll publish as is or tweak as we see fit… we want to help you get the most from our relationship. You can send us 2 or 3 pieces per month, anymore might get a tad irritating for our readers and we have to keep them happy!

To register as a sharer then you need to know our content and so you need to sign up to get our emails from the blog… www.ilovewindsor.co.uk top right sign up.

Then share via the site and we can collate the points. We may miss some but essentially, those that are truly engaging will be obvious to us and reap the rewards going forward.

Feels like a WIN WIN to me… want to join in? Sign up above and we’ll go and find us some local partners to work with.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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