In the music bizz you need friends

Local girl Carrie Jane, thanks to the support of her friends, has got herself through to the FINALS of Fame Music’s Stripped Back Competition and now needs YOUR support.

You can vote for Carrie Jane’s song Daisy HERE >>>

Currently she has 42 votes and is sitting in 10th place… top spot is currently owned by two artists who are probably flip flopping as their crowd make the effort to vote… Liam Doyle with Closer has 177 votes and Yoji with Life Like Jazz with 171 votes… with a week to go, the WINNER will be announced on Friday 6th May.

The reality is that some folk are much happier shouting about themselves than others… asking people to vote for you is difficult, it requires an ego the size of a small planet and when your ego is small then your organic social media following will be smaller than those happier to shout out load.

Another reality is if people see someone is popular they are more likely to vote for them… just reflect on the general elections where MPs who are complete muppets stand under a party flag and so garner associated energy… more people are voting for them so I’ll follow the crowd because I prefer to be on safe ground… it’s natural.

So if you are going to be successful in the music industry then you need a little help from your friends and the more popular your friends then the more likely it is that you have a chance of success…

You’re going to have to stand on your own two feet eventually but in those all important early days, a little help from someone of influence… an existing rock star or someone with a social media following that people listen to… these guys can really, really make the difference… if you’re reading this and can help, please do.

Who knows, in a few years time with a fair wind and a developing talent, you may be helping those who helped you on your way 😉

So let’s check reality… Carrie has 42 votes and those vying for top spot have 180 votes… the implication is therefore that 500+ votes are going to be needed to win this competition.

This means that we need some celebrity help to make Carrie’s day… can you point any music artists with a social media following you know towards this page so they can reflect on how it was for them and give local girl Carrie Jane a little helping hand.

You can vote for Carrie Jane’s song Daisy HERE >>>

Thank you.


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