I Love Windsor… do you? Tell us a story…

23rd November 2009 I registered the domain ilovewindsor.co.uk and began thinking through how that might take shape.

If I’ve learned anything in the last 20 years dealing with the internet is that as sure is eggs is eggs, there is nothing a sure as change… and while I enjoyed writing local stories about things that took my fancy, I have moved on and so need to release this domain into the universe 😉

We recently moved to Devon and I’ve started a new local project ex10.co.uk and so I was wondering what to do with ilovewindsor.co.uk and figured it made sense to let the people decide.

ilovewindsor.co.uk is a blog, it therefore shares words, pictures and videos…

So it makes sense to call on the local population of all ages to submit up to 400 words and or up to a 2 minute video saying why you love Windsor and how you would take the blog forward.

All entries must be in by end of October, 31st

To enter:
Email jonathanldavey@gmail.com with your words, pictures and / or link to video which I’ll load up to a page on ilovewindsor.co.uk

Alternatively tweet or email a link to your words, pictures and / or video posted on the web and I will extract the elements and add to a page on ilovewindsor.co.uk

People can start voting straight away by liking and commenting on your post on ilovewindsor.co.uk where comments score 3 points and likes a single point.

Comments need to be real, any spammers will be deleted and the entrant disqualified… no gaming

At the end of November I’ll reflect on the top 3-5 individuals with the most points and hand one of them the keys to both the blog and the twitter account @WindsorWords so they can continue sharing the love about Windsor.

I’ve been doing this project for years and am not just going to hand the keys willy nilly to just anyone… as well as being able to get votes, I need to feel a real warmth about Windsor from them.

Good luck, crack on… I look forward to receiving your entries.

Thank you.


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