Swift fix commitment for new parking meters

At the Windsor Town Forum last night, cllr Simon Dudley shared the latest news on the new fangled parking meters.

He said the machines are incredibly high tech and the borough know what’s happening as they share data in real time. I asked if the machines know when they, themselves are not working, do they notify the “office” directly and what was the agreed contract repair time with the installer… later in the meeting he advised 4 hours if they are notified before 3pm, next day otherwise…

Simon agreed… if the machine isn’t working today, it will be working tomorrow…

That’s reassuring, there have been countless problems with the new machines that cost over £6,000 each… an investment of £750,000 which were installed with what seems minimal market testing… perhaps Facebook being swamped with complaints is the 2019 way or market testing!

Share your thoughts below…

Thank you.


One thought on “Swift fix commitment for new parking meters

  1. We thought we were fairly intelligent people, but on two occasions have ended up paying the full amount for parking in the evening at Victoria St Windsor and the Broadway when it should have been free with an advantage card as the instructions didn’t make sense. Even the online video isn’t clear. The machine scans the advantage card but still requests full payment. Did the RBWM not test these machines out before installing them?


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