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A ban on Charity door knockers


At the Windsor Town Forum I was talking to Jeffrey Pick, Community Engagement & Resilience Officer, Thames Valley Police and asked him about the charity door knockers we’ve been having around Windsor’s residential areas recently.

A herd of charity door knockers were being spotted by residents and their presence shared on Facebook, with many older people phoning the Police 101 service to report strangers at the door, wasting the time of the limited local police resource we have.

These, usually young people, are encouraged to get people to sign up “for a few pounds £££” to help charity X and then a few weeks later get calls from the charity asking if they’d like to increase their donation.

It is not a very charitable way of behaving… they are paying external agencies to do the knocking and they are no doubt encouraging their workforce with incentives to close the most deals.

I personally feel that this sort of activity should be banned, as tinkers are banned from knocking on your door… you shouldn’t need a red sticker saying no callers on your door, they shouldn’t be doing it anyway.

If you agree then share this blog and or add your comments below… I will then share this information with Jeffrey and work out a way forward.

Thank you.


Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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