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Sutherland Grange suffering from an invasion of blue fly from the south

sutherland grange trees gone

Reflecting on Richard Endacott’s, Chairman of West Windsor Residents Association, letter to the local paper… he’s not very impressed by the activities of certain councillors in West Windsor.

sutherland grange dog escape route

Let me ask you a simple question… if your neighbour wandered into your garden and started re-arranging your current landscape, however ill thought out or left to nature it may be… you might have something to say about their actions and you would very much be within your rights, right?

letter to the editor

So it is with Sutherland Grange… part of the existing RBWM Clewer North Ward. The Clewer South Ward Councillor thought it was just fine to bring his bins and ill thought out plans to bear on an area of land that doesn’t fall under his current ward. Trees removed, bushes cleared, pathways half built, plans for Mars to have some impact, a café to be built on the flood plain, a budget of £250,000 “secured”… and no publicly disclosed plans, other than an A4 picture that happened to be stuck on the old fence, can be easily found on either his or the RBWM website.

sutherland grange plan for development

These “secured” monies adding to the existing £57,000,000 overdraft, costing a mere £5,500,000 a year in interest… that’s the equivalent of 4,370 households paying the average £1,373 RBWM council tax bill (about middle in the national league tables of council taxes – don’t believe all that you read on an illegal banner or two!)

rbwm council banner

How many houses are there in West Windsor? Are there enough to pay off the interest?

What are your thoughts on this? Should local councillors be involved in changes to their ward? Should plans be clearly seen by the general public before they are agreed? Should we be getting increasingly in debt as the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (the council have agreed to being £85,100,000 in debt by the end of the next tax year according to the Budget Report!)

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