£600,000 possible investment in Clewer and Dedworth West

Should Clewer and Deworth West residents return Jonathan L Davey and Wisdom Da Costa as West Windsor Residents Association councillors following May’s RBWM local elections then, with next terms budget returned and voted on, we might have £600k to invest in Clewer and Dedworth on capital assets!

That obviously assumes enough other Independent candidates are voted in to prevent a council funding seasonal adjustment, shifting the budget to Holyport College… the defacto black hole for any available council monies!

As we drove around the ward, Hemwood Dell appears to be For Sale, perhaps we could buy the woodland and build a café at its centre? What would you do if you had £600,000 to spend in Clewer and Dedworth?

Thank you.


One thought on “£600,000 possible investment in Clewer and Dedworth West

  1. Something that can draw the community together too, older people ,young and families , so a café is a good idea with a room attached to e able to offer drop ins, groups for different things

    Kind Regds Melanie Gabbi


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