Stress Awareness Month – How to Deal with Trolls!

Someone sent me a blog yesterday announcing “Stress Awareness Month” warning that our addictions to social media are causing us real stress…

If you are engaging with social media and ask too many questions then trolls will come out to play, increasing your stress until you recognise a potential cure for this irritating infection.

I engage with anyone who comments on one of my blogs, usually via Facebook… that works for most conversations with regular humans but trolls are a different breed!

Once engaged you’ll struggle to get them off your back… BUT I may have found a cure…

It would seem that all a troll needs is to be rewarded with “likes” … ideally from those they are aiming to impress / defend / protect with their irritating interventions.

Impossible to deter, you simply have to play along and feed them “likes”… they are like cookies, enjoyed by the little blighters.

Trying to have a reasonable conversation with a troll is not possible so don’t waste your time.

Good luck de-trolling your world…

Thank you.


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