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Ask Questions and Write More Petitions PLEASE

jon and wisdom building community

If Wisdom & I are elected to represent the people of Clewer & Dedworth West in the upcoming elections on 2nd May then I will be proactively inviting more engagement with the residents.

maidenhead advertiserYou may have read this story in the Maidenhead Advertiser and on social media about banning supplementary questions which was agreed at a meeting back in June last year… nearly a year the ban has been in place and all it took to get a reaction from the council was a story in the paper, a petition on the RBWM website and more importantly, local people showing their joint displeasure by signing the petition.

If you are not happy about something then that’s normal and if it doesn’t impact on others then there will be logical ways to resolve this for you.

But if the community has shown their concern by signing the petition alongside you then the council does need to sit up and take notice… petitions on the website are great for that so please, create more around things that you feel are important and let’s see who else agrees.

And if you struggle in writing a petition, no problem, I’m more than happy to sit down with you and create words that you are happy with and which best describe what you are looking to achieve.

Thank you.


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