Having fun while helping others…

When I saw the news about Yolanda, back in Nov 2013, hitting the Philippines, it made me appreciate how lucky we are not to live in a part of the world where natural disasters occur all too often having a devastating impact on the local community… and I wanted to do something to help but what?

Through the Rotary International network I made contact with a couple of local Rotary Clubs in The Philippines and asked them what they needed.

“Boats, we need more boats for the villagers to go fishing… they share the boats and the catch… we need more boats.”

High Wycombe Rotary Club was hosting a Dragon Boat Race on Dorney Lake and they had made contact with me because of my “Business in Berkshire” Network and asked if I could assist in promoting the opportunity for local businesses to join in… of course I could but I’d also like to host a dragon boat and raise money to buy fishing boats for the people of The Philippines.

I put the word out and the crew formed rapidly, including Mike Brown who some may know.

What a great day, we were drinking Windsor & Eton beer and the sun was shining on Dorney Lake. The last leg, we needed to win or we’d not get through to the final… we knew half way we were not going to win so the biggest lad in the team jumped ship and we all went in… what a laugh, great fun 😉

And we raised over £1,000 which was enough for 10 fishing boats to be built and delivered to villagers.

What would you like to do something about?

Thank you.


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