St George’s Day, RBWM Elections & Procurement Contracts

We need to be doing more to celebrate St George’s Day and encourage a positive, all inclusive national pride that is missing and very much needs rekindling.

If the people of Clewer & Dedworth West Ward in the RBWM vote for me on 2nd May then one item I will be championing is a borough wide celebration of St George’s Day… all nationalities welcome 😉

I will also be championing doing business locally. There is an economic formula known as the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect which says if a £1 is spent locally with a local business it will go to a further 6 or 7 local businesses… £1 becomes £7 just like that!

I spend my time helping businesses win tender bids with

To commence the process I have put in a freedom of request to my local council… why not do similar to your council to find out how proactive they are in looking after local businesses?

Good morning,

It would appear that around 25% of the contracts on the procurement database have now expired. Would you please advise which of those contracts have been renewed, together with their new reference number, and which have expired without being renewed. Please also advise the approximate value of those contracts where it is not currently given.

Please also advise:

How many suppliers provided services invoiced to the RBWM between 8th May 2015 and 23rd April 2019?

What was the total value of these invoices for each supplier?

How many of these businesses have a turnover of less than £1m?

How many of these businesses have registered offices in the RBWM?

How much was spent with businesses located in the RBWM?

How much was spent with businesses turning over less than £1m in the RBWM?

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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