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I can feel a new synonym coming on… they did an #annwiddecombe!


What can be said when your beloved granny gets up from the table and walks out because you’ve not been listening to what she has to say… then you know you are in BIG trouble :'(

For 50 years she has been conservative, blue through to her core… and enough is enough, describing the PM Theresa May as, “the worst Tory leader since Sir Anthony Eden”

If Farage can hit 27% under his own steam, with Ann Widdecombe rocking in his front garden, the Brexit Party will be on 40% before you know it!

Personally I question Farage’s authenticity but with Ann Widdecombe behind him, that will reassure many a floating voter.

You couldn’t write this stuff… history is being made almost every day at the moment…

Thank you.


Photo by Sheldon Nunes on Unsplash

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