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Bray Parish Council Meeting 22nd July

Bray Parish Council Meeting

Had it in my diary that Bray Parish Council‘s next meeting was 22nd so got myself along to Braywood War Memorial Hall, Fifield to see how they go about things.

They have a good team, which will make for a great sharing of responsibility when it comes to projects. Can be difficult with a small team to get as much done as you’d like.

Interesting that local councils are pooling resources on the “Joint Minerals and Waste Plan” and hearing how it would seem it’s a national call down on resources as required and who knows what they will run out of and when a new source needs to come on stream… you don’t think about all that when you drive down the road or open your front door of your brick built property!

What about the Quarry Extension… one resident very dis-chuffed with the current state of affairs on the existing quarry, with the quarry people chopping down, what sounded like, hundreds of trees, exposing him and his wife to the beauty of big trucks passing his window as they drive along at eye level, on land higher than his ground floor… reckons its taken tens of thousands off house prices and nothing seems to get done about it.

I’ve asked him to write to me so I can find out more…

Cllr Coppinger was then placed in the hot seat and received questions from the Parish Councillors, some more friendly than others.

Then on to Parish business.

Next time I’ll try and get there a bit earlier to chat with councillors… doesn’t help going to the wrong War Memorial Hall in the first place, their HQ is Holyport!

Thank you.


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