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RBWM has a new leader…

cllr johnson new leader

The latest news is the election of a new leader for RBWM, Cllr Johnson (main pic). Let’s hope he brings balance and clear, transparent decision making to the RBWM?

The family and I went away for an extended holiday, booked last year, visiting relatives in Australia so I’ve not been pushing out my regular weekly updates. Here’s the latest since I got back, starting in reverse order…

Lynne Jones RBWM Council Meeting

A full council meeting on Tuesday 24th September, Councillor Jones asked the following question of Councillor Hilton, Lead Member for Ascot and Finance: Can the Lead Member confirm that Cipfa have been brought in to assess RBWM finances and also clarify to all members what their findings were.

It will interesting to watch what information unfolds over the coming months.

You can see the agenda for the meeting here.

You can listen to the full meeting here >>>

On the evening of Thurs 26th September at Maidenhead Town Hall there will be a Cabinet meeting where the Conservative leads will be discussing the state of the finances and it is likely there will be some follow up to Cllr Jones’ question from the full council meeting…

Here are some further snippets of what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks…

Wednesday 11th September there was a meeting of One Borough, which represents the charities in RBWM, met some new people and re-connected with those I’ve known for years… I followed up with Cllr Rayner, Lead for Windsor, about why the trial removal of the recycling bins at Sutherland Grange got pulled.

sutherland grange more of same

Thursday 12th September I had to head north to pick up the dogs from my parents, treated them to lunch at Belton House, Grantham and headed home for disaster training, very apt as Cllr Dudley had resigned that morning!

Cllr Gerry Clark, Lead on Waste was at the training session and we also discussed Sutherland Grange, further clarifying a few points and agreed to work together towards the best solution.

The weekend was bliss, not having to do anything, travel anywhere, be busy just because you’re on holiday … we’re at home, chilling on the sofa, doing a few little jobs and lots of washing 😉

rotary adrian benge with latvian ladies

Monday 16th, Rotary lunch and the President was on holiday so I had to take the chair for two meetings and it seemed to go well. We had some visitors from Latvia, pictured above with Adrian Benge, Junior Vice President. I invited entries from the local schools for our Youth Speaks Competition and the regulars stepped up…

vans just parked how they like

Tuesday 17th saw reports on FB of poor parking near Homer First School during pick up time and so on Wednesday 18th I visited the school and met with one of the headteachers. I said I would ask one of the officers to come down to the school with me and we’d work out what actions we might take to improve things for the safety of the kids.

cllr donna stimson

Thursday 19th we had a presentation at the town hall by Cllr Donna Stimson, Lead on Sustainability and I popped along to support her initiative…

Friday was dominated by prepping for my son’s departure to Bristol Uni to do an ‘ology 😉 Clever little blighter gets his brains and his beauty from his mum…

So that’s a quick update… if you’ve ever been interested in politics then do tune in over the next few months as it’s going to be very interesting, well for me at least! What I’m ideally hoping is for a more grown up, informative consultative approach to local politics with the primary driver being what is best for residents and not ego fueled party political driven agendas.

More Independents that love Windsor is what we ultimately need…

windsor town petition daljit

And maybe the odd dolphin… shot this on hols…

Thank you.


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