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The Last Crumb in Caversham Review by Chloe Humphries

the last crumb 1

Being a uni student, I have been to my fair share of quirky pubs and bars around London so I was intrigued as to what The Last Crumb had to offer. For starters, the name definitely stood out to me.

The Last Crumb 10

Upon my arrival of the opening launch I was greeted at the door and shown around the pub by a friendly host, which I thought was a great way to make the guests feel welcome.

The Last Crumb 4

The interior of the location was laid to be how I imagine some edgy novelists’ cosy pad to look like. Very Instagram, I thought to myself. I just knew social media influencers out there would love posting snaps of themselves in this place!

The Last Crumb 3

The ambience were really cosy and the bar staff seemed really cheerful to be there (which is not always the case in bars haha). I was impressed by their range of fruity ciders that actually taste nice for once, as I am quite a fussy drinker myself.

The Last Crumb 5

Whilst exploring the outside we discovered a cute lit up garden area with plenty of seating that would be fab for summer and live music events. This led to a secret neon underground path trailing back to the bar. I have to say, this really reminded me of something that would feature in one of the 1975’s music videos.

The Last Crumb 6

Inside you could find the counter dining area, I particularly rated how there was an open kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven, so we could actually see the food being prepared whilst waiting at our table.

The Last Crumb 7

The menu consisted of a tasty range of burgers and pizzas. And even better gluten and vegan options. The prices were also really decent too.

The Last Crumb 8

I ordered the Simply Red pizza and my boyfriend perused the Margarita with a side of buffalo fries to share. Our food actually came super quick and was really nice! The food was presented beautifully too, meaning that me being the loser that I am, could post a picture of my meal on the ole’ Instagram and Snapchat story.

The Last Crumb 2

The staff were friendly and checked up us regularly and would have a quick chat with us to see how we were doing. Next time I’ll be sure to check out their extensive list of cocktails when I don’t have work the next day.
It’s safe to say I will definitely crumb again!

The Last Crumb 9

Chloe Humphries

Eat, drink and socialise at The Last Crumb, Caversham’s neighbourhood hangout.

N.B. 76 Prospect Street, Reading, RG4 8JN

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