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Supported Living Framework Reading Borough Council Tender Closes 6th January

The Council intends to secure directly commissioned supported living services through a Supported Living Framework. This Framework is intended to cover core support provision for people who may have learning disabilities, mental health needs, sensory impairment, physical disability, autistic spectrum conditions and people with multiple & complex needs.

Whilst it is expected that Providers on the Framework will take the majority of the packages offered, Reading Borough Council reserves the right to commission services from Providers not on the Framework where the accredited Providers are unable to meet Individuals’ needs, or in urgent cases. There will be an expectation that any Providers who are engaged on an urgent basis will be required to work to the same contractual terms.

Supported Living enables Individuals to have the security of their own tenancy with support tailored to their specific needs. It provides flexibility and a range of options, with the potential for staff to be available during the day and/or night and numbers of staff commissioned according to the needs of the tenants. This therefore constitutes an important part of the Care and Support Pathway. Supported Living provides a step down from residential care placements, with support provided to enable a transition and then to develop independence to achieve the Individual’s potential. It can also enable Individuals to move on to live in a home of their own, with care and support continuing to be provided if required.

A new expectation at Reading Borough Council is for Providers to work in an outcomes based way where the Council has provided outcomes based Support Plans. In the first instance this may only apply to a small number of Support Packages but this number is expected to increase as outcomes based planning is more widely adopted throughout the Council’s Social Care teams. All Support Plans for Supported Living specify short- and long-term outcomes with timeframes for review.

An outcomes based approach focuses on measuring end results and looking at the Individual holistically with an emphasis on improving skills and quality of life. It moves away from a time and task process where end results are not necessarily measured and aims to ensure that Individuals are continually given the opportunity to develop their independence (i.e. to retain, regain or learn new skills and, where possible, reduce their dependency on others).

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