Should RBWM Organise Community Litter Picks?

Over the last few years there seems to be more and more litter picks but sadly they appear to be along political lines which, to my mind, comes across as virtue signalling and so has less value than if it was centrally organised and measured.

I know of one Cllr who actually weighs his recycling weekly. He goes out every day for an hour or two, bags it up and knows how much he has helped the planet. Some may think he should seek medical help but I understand measuring your efforts. Thankfully he doesn’t bang on about it on social media, he just gets on with it.

This year is an election year and so I can forecast social media being full of bin bags and I’d rather it wasn’t. That got me thinking, how about it becomes something that was organised from the centre. If RBWM organised regular litter picks across RBWM then everyone could get involved if they wanted to.

I know many enjoy just going out on their own and collecting half a bin bag every now and again as the mood takes and we thank you for that.

We shouldn’t have to have organised litter picks, we should not be littering in the first place and we should also have the necessary resources in place to keep our towns clean and tidy.

The reality is we don’t have the resources and we do litter, therefore there is a need for litter picks.

So where are you on this…

Thank you.

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