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Borough Local Plan Response December 2019 from Cllr Jon Davey

A308 Corridor Review Christmas

Borough Local Plan: Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

As a newly elected local Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West in Windsor and respecting the value of the inspectors time I am going to focus on a single element which I hope she deems essential to the overall plan.

After reflecting on Borough Plan my main concern is how any future developments are going to impact on the A308. It would seem that when small developments of houses are submitted for planning permission their impact on the A308 is ignored and so hundreds of houses have been built in small pockets and no consideration given to how they affect the flow of traffic or increase pollution in the area.

This is akin to an intelligent adult ignoring the fast-foods they “just” snack on from time to time and expecting their blood supply to simply keep flowing and not get clogged up, increasing the risk of a heart attack or aneurysm.

With ignorance not being a defence in law, this organic build up of a few dozen houses here and there over the years should also not be ignored.

The A308 Corridor Review needs to be given significant weight in this regard and considered an essential cog in recognising the Borough Local Plan as “sound”.

I’d recommend that no planning permissions on future planning request to build 3 or more houses should be given the go ahead without the A308 Corridor Review being completed and its recommendations published, weighted and acted on by planning.

I hope she can agree.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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