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It’s all about your vibe – thank you

dr emoto thank you

When I first heard about Dr Masaru Emoto around Christmas 12 years ago, it was a life changing moment and ever since then I have always finished off any of my emails with the words “Thank you”.

The first thing to remember when reading this is that we are mostly made up of water.

Dr Emoto studied water, taking samples from all around the world and then playing music, praying and speaking to the water before freezing it and examining the crystals formed under a microscope.

Those samples exposed to positive vibrations display beautiful crystals… those exposed to negative vibrations turn black.

Google Dr Emoto’s rice experiment which he didn’t just do himself… millions of children across Japan have tried it… our vibration has a very real impact on water and we are water.

So I say to everyone, young and old, be nice to each other. Say things with a smile in your voice and our world will become a much nicer place.

The last thing to remember when reading this is that we are mostly made of water and our vibe is all important.

Happy Christmas.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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