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Co-operation is the key to Success for RBWM Council

rbwm council meeting 17th december

All successful relationships are about compromise and it would seem, the new Conservative Leader Cllr Johnson, understands this and is trying to be more inclusive as we head towards Christmas and the “fresh start” that chimes in at 12:00am as Jules Holland squeezes us into the New Year 😉

I put a question to Cllr Johnson at Council and was pleasantly surprised by a positive response… “With RBWM in a very serious financial situation is it now time to make use of the skills of all councillors, across parties, rather than simply relying on the Conservative Administration trying to go it alone?”

I also proposed a motion, which could benefit the whole community, to provide additional support to teenagers who may feel disenfranchised or simply need guidance, when for various reasons the teenagers may not want to seek help from their parents or it may not be available from parents or other family members.

I was then approached by Cllr McWilliams with an addition that would make it easier for the Conservatives to support my motion.

This compromise doesn’t compel me to agree with their “Family Hub” concept, I’m simply asking people to take part in the consultation, but it does show willing on the part of the Conservative Administration to consider or support the ideas of others. That’s important to me…

The motion came from asking a serving Police officer a logical question and has lead to conversations with a number of people involved in trying to help and inspire our young people onto better things… over Christmas I will be thinking through how this motion can be turned into actions and measured going forward.

For now I’ll just appreciate getting full council support for a simple but important suggestion and learn from the experience… turn up the volume, enjoy the Welsh Guards doing their thing before I share the motion…

Motion to Council 17th December 2019
The Police tell me one of the main reasons young people start getting into trouble is limited parental support after school.

This Council:
i) Recognises many 15-18 year olds could benefit from community support after school for approximately 3 hours a day.
ii) Commits to working harder to find solutions to give our youth the best possible start in life.
iii) Encourages all residents & stakeholders to take part in the RBWM’s consultation on transforming RBWM’s early help services into an integrated Family Hub model 0-19 (up to 25 years for young people with a learning difficulty or disability).

The Swan creating space for our young people…

richard endacott swan pub

Those buildings behind Willy are going to be turned into what you might call a Youth Club but obviously with a cooler, 22nd Century tag!

I’ve know Willy and Richard for years… my lad was part of New Windsor football where I ended up as coach for 3 years thanks to Willy… later he did some drama at The Firestation and then I got to know Richard better at The Green Room.

I had a meeting with him just before council and asked him to sum things up…

Good to talk. Pleased to see this is high on your agenda. It is absolutely crucial and frankly, what everyone is talking about. The community is ready to help.

In my capacity as a Head Teacher, I would love to know that there is more out there for the young people of this town after they leave our care.

Our kids need Leadership, Organisation, Initiative and communication skills and the resilience to use them. They need to feel plugged into a community that will support and guide them.

Anything we can do to give our young people opportunities after school will help.

This drum has been beaten before and needs to be kept on being beaten as long as we exist and expect to have a society full of well rounded, healthy adults.

Hope it goes well tonight. Have a good Christmas and see you in the new year.

Richard Allen

Not the Welsh Guards… enjoy 😉

Thank you.