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British Garden Centres have great plans for the Windsor Garden Centre

Windsor Garden Centre

There is concern that with ALDI buying approximately half of the land that the garden centre sits on that there will be immediate changes.

This is not the case and the garden centre owners have great plans which will be revealed in the New Year.

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ALDI can’t simply buy land and build a supermarket… they have to go through a planning application process.

The land is currently Greenbelt which protects it. Greenbelt designation is “heavily weighted” which is how planning decision are made… different elements are weighted.

The Borough Local Plan provides the RBWM planning department with tools it can use to decide what is built on local land and where.

The CURRENT consultation on the A308 Corridor Review is open to community groups and resident associations that are impacted by the A308 and so we want to hear what you have to say. Please, make yourselves known >>>

I have asked the inspector to include the A308 Corridor Review in the BLP if possible, read my submission here >>>

The best thing the community can do to make the case for the retention of the garden centre in any future plans is to continue to support the existing garden centre by visiting regularly.

Thank you.

Happy Christmas.


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