Tinkers Lane Polling Station set to move to Gospel Hall, Ruddlesway – Have your say…

Over the years Tinkers Lane council site has got increasingly busy with many of the contractor services, waste, highways, etc being based out of there. Large vehicles are constantly moving around and the office used for polling is surrounded by roads, meaning residents need to essentially walk on the road to get to the polling station!

The council has received many complaints from residents about concerns for their safety when using the site and so decided to make alternative arrangements.

The polling station is also the Emergency Planning Office for RBWM so sensitive documents could cause data protection issues.

A few elections back officers tell me they had heard Homer School had reportedly said that they didn’t want the elections held there anymore as it impacted on the childrens’ education and they would have to close for the day. Most of the residents were then diverted over to Dedworth School Polling Station.

Some were sent to the Gospel Hall, Kenrith Community Church, literally 50 yards around the corner from Tinkers Lane and closer for many of the residents dispatched to Dedworth School. Perhaps it would have made more sense for more residents to have been diverted there at that time but it wasn’t so.

In summary, the current proposal is, those going to Dedworth School will continue to do so and those who have been using Tinkers Lane will be sent to Gospel Hall.

Interim polling districts and polling places review

There is currently a consultation on the matter and comments on the revised scheme should be sent to Electoral Services, Town Hall, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF or by email to pd.review@rbwm.gov.uk by Sunday 2 February 2020.

For the record, a few months ago I had personally recommended The Garden Centre on Dedworth Road as a possible location. They were happy to host a polling station but it was felt by the committee that this was too far away from the centres of population.

Thank you.


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