YIPPEE Love Windsor Facebook Group goes over 500 MEMBERS!

Ilovewindsor.co.uk first saw life back in 2009 and has been through a few revisions… currently it is a blog space where I have recently been focused on the work I am doing as a councillor but it does contain much more varied content! Videos of the Queen on her Jubilee Walk round Windsor, restaurant reviews, Rotary projects, fun event promotions and more…

Lovewindsor on Facebook was first created in 2015 and has acted as a sharing point, particularly this year after becoming a local Councillor… now with over 500 members and reflecting on last year’s Facebook experience, it is time to up its profile and get more engagement going on.

On some of the Facebook Groups there are those that think it is just fine and dandy to talk down to people and I, for one, have had enough of that… so there will be zero tolerance of trolls… anyone being rude on the group will be given fair warning but then will be culled with no second chances.

I’d like to see this group become a strong community space where people are supportive of others, enriching each others lives. We have a Rotary saying “Service Above Self” and it simply removes the ego… do things for others, without expectation of the favour being returned, and you will feel good, they will feel good and those watching will feel good.

So please, invite anyone from Windsor to join the Group and those friends who you know Love Windsor… the more the merrier 😉

I have used the logo designed by my good friend Denis Blandford years ago, who sadly is no longer with us, as part of a montage to head up the group for a while… he was a good Rotarian, sharing his art techniques with anyone who cared to ask.

Thank you.


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