Independent Councillors are Asking Most of the Questions at RBWM Full Council Meetings

It’s the role of an elected Councillor to represent their residents in the Council Chamber and year to date, the Independent Councillors have asked 76.5% of all the Councillors’ official Questions at Full Council Meetings.

Independent Councillors have also presented 45.5% of all the Motions put to Full Council!

Questions are essentially finding out information. Motions are generally suggesting changes, are voted on and require a majority of Councillors to vote “For” your Motion for it to win the day. There have been 6 Full Council meetings so far since last May.

I have asked 14.7% of all the Questions at Full Council, putting me 2nd only to Cllr Ewan Larcombe and presented 18.2% of all the Motions, joint 1st with Cllr Helen Taylor. We’ve both lost one and won one.

My attendance rating of 87%, missing 3 of the 23 meetings I was due to attend for which I found substitutes for all 3 which meant residents were represented.

You can find all the statistics against each Councillors profile on the RBWM website.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

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