Where’s Ya Bin?

Can you see the missing bin is hiding? Shall we have a closer look at this eye-saw that some would just love to keep! A popular attraction used by a few as it was designed but by many more who really don’t love Dedworth…

sutherland grange bins

Has it been put in the first bin with the polystyrene and the totally empty card board box… nope!

sutherland grange bins

Is it in bin 2… this looks a bit more like re-cycling… nope!

sutherland grange bins

There it is, 3rd time lucky, all on it’s ownsome with a broken wheel… well they have been emptied into the BLACK bin lorries 3x this week alone!

sutherland grange bins

Why the black bin lorry / normal waste? Because the percentage of recycling to “any old crap” is such that it can’t be easily processed at the recycling centre and so RBWM have to send it off for burning with the rest of our waste as demonstrated very well by bin 4.

sutherland grange bins

The squirrels have told me they are really not impressed, humans messing with the bio-diversity of the area.

squirrel in a tree

Polluting with their sofas, mattresses, carpets, paint, toys, tools, food stuff and general waste they should be taking down the tip at Stafferton Way in Maidenhead, which according to Google at 3pm on a Friday afternoon is a whole 4.6 miles and 11 minutes away by car!

squirrels in sutherland grange

Believe it or not there are those that are happy for the rest of us to fund the multiple weekly visits by the bin men just so they can save themselves 10 minutes of time and £1.50 in petrol???

The petition and consultation have closed. 

If you didn’t respond to the petition or consultation what are your thoughts?

If you are local and have a recycling bin then you can put your waste in your bin.

Anything non recyclable or large you need to take down Stafferton Way.

What is the advantage of having the bins against the disadvantage of it being a permanent fly tipping magnet for those people who really don’t love Dedworth?

Thank you.



One thought on “Where’s Ya Bin?

  1. We all have two bins and a food bin which is emptied every week which is quite adequate for most residents.theodd occasion we have a larger article I’m sure we can take it to the tip in Stafferton Way. The bins at Sutherland grange are being used by complete outsiders. Let’s do away with these bins and ALL the terrible unsightly rubbish and get back our beautiful Sutherland Grange for everyone to enjoy the natural beauty as it use to be.


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