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Windsor Girls’ School Career’s Week Mon 16th – Fri 20th March 2020

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Can you help us?

Windsor & Eton Rotary Club have been asked to conduct mock job and university/college interviews with 265 students from years 10 & 13.

Many of our club last interviewed pre Internet and so we’d like to ask the community for more up to date, relevant help.

If you are able to give us a day that week or perhaps at least a couple of hours we’d be most grateful. Larger companies will score CSR brownie points, so they are likely to be keen for you to put your hand up if employed in that world.

Thirty adults working in teams of 2 for 30 minute interviews should do it.

So 30 adults would make for a very efficient machine.

Guy Barlow will manage things from the Rotary end and so if you could say which day you would prefer, what hours you can do and what skills you bring to the party then he can organise his resource.

Thank you.


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