Maidenhead Missing Links – Cycle Paths £2.8m in RBWM Budget Proposals?

I was looking for the £450,000 pothole budget last week which I found out, ONLY by asking at an Overview & Scrutiny Panel, has been culled and rather ironically discovered there is a project called Maidenhead Missing Links which has £2,800,000 for cycle ways and footpaths around Maidenhead, helping join up a few places…

Now I don’t have issue with improving cycle paths but I get a little incensed when I read in the budget that Maidenhead is getting more spent on cycle paths than the Conservative Council has budgeted for tarmac, £1,900,000 for the whole of the borough!

Added to the proposed culling of the Advantage Card parking discount for residents!!!! They are hoping that will generate £650,000 but at what cost? The goodwill they are losing! Hopefully voters will not have forgotten in 3 years time when it’s time to vote again 😉 Over 6,000 residents have signed the petition already!

missing links 2021
Click map to download Maidenhead Missing Link plans

But it’s OK, because Windsor will get to share, if we are lucky, in a CYCLING budget of £50,000!

The cycle forum has been reformed to ensure this money is put to good use and I do hope the steering group recognise the millions being spent in Maidenhead and do what they can to ensure Windsor gets the appropriate share of this budget! Time will tell.

Thank you.


P.S. If you want to download the full budget proposal docs then click on the Council meeting 25th Feb via the meetings link at top of the page.

Photo by Fat Lad At The Back on Unsplash

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