Launching Dedworth’s Voice – Do You have Something You’d Like to Say?


Dedworth’s Voice is a new idea to help people find their voice, those that might prefer to stand at the back of the room…

We hope to help them move to the front!

It’s NOT about singing! It’s about talking to people. If that’s something you’d like to build confidence in… come along!

Every Thursday at 2pm at All Saints Church, Dedworth.

For many years I’ve hosted the Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition, it’s so rewarding, hearing young people debate topics important to them.

This has inspired me to help more local people find their voice.

Working with an ever growing team out of All Saints Church, Dedworth, we agreed on the name “Dedworth’s Voice” which we are now launching in the community.

While some young people that put their hands up at school and volunteer are likely to enjoy a level of success in their careers, there are MANY more who for whatever reason didn’t stand up… it is to these people we are now speaking.

The “mentors” of the group aim to support and build confidence and have a mix of life experiences to bring – which will only get more varied as others join.

We’re not providing formal training but if that is relevant to an individual we will be able to help sign-post them to those better equipped.

If you know of people you think would like to grow in this, or struggle to express themselves and would benefit from support then let them know to pop along to the Cafe at All Saints Church Dedworth at 2pm on a Thursday.

Our mentors will be there to greet them and introduce them to the rest of the group.

There’s no pressure! Just a welcome atmosphere and a safe place to talk.

We hope to build a sense of community within the group.

Just come with an open mind and a desire to try and talk to a group of people about something you’re interested in.

Do spread the word to those you know might benefit.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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