Share your gardening tips please

There are many top gardeners out there, mostly not on Facebook, they love gardening too much 😉

But if you do multi task and know your gladioli from your aspidistras, what should folk be paying attention to in their gardens at the moment.

Let’s see if we have any budding Titchmarsh’s out there 😉

Thank you.


One thought on “Share your gardening tips please

  1. Lots to do in your garden!

    Snap off those dead daffodil heads but keep that greenery! Wait until they turn yellow and then remove, or dig up the bulbs after flowering and store in a dry place.

    Mow the lawns and edge round borders after – neater looking especially if dark soil is added near the cut edges!

    Group pots of tulips (next after daffs to come out) – look more impressive if you have them.

    Keep watering those plants or bulbs in pots – they dry out very quickly if it hasn’t rained!


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