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Only a Fool Breaks the 2 Metre Rule

Check Out Positions

I should start by saying this is NOT an Official Tesco message or diagram… this is one of my very own as a Tesco Customer Assistant for 2 weeks, a Councillor for almost a year, a business owner for 25 years, a father for 24 years and a human being for 55 years and 1 day.

It’s been interesting watching folk in Tesco’s over the last 2 weeks:

  • The reaction of the beefcake who I asked to get behind the 2m line and replied “Where’s the sign?” before ranting for 5 minutes!
  • The retired nurse who came out to feel the positive nature of the queuing.
  • The old boy who didn’t appear stressed but obviously was when I asked him for his ID to buy beer! “You ‘aving a laugh, you ‘aving a laugh, just FO!”
  • The people who walk to the other side of the alley, where normally another person would be getting served, to get to the bottom of the checkout… good on you.
  • The people that take off their gloves to press the keypad!
  • The masked warriors who get too close and wonder why you ask them to back off!

Most people are buying a week’s shop, as they have been told to do, and are happy to substitute brand x for y.

Most people are wary but calm. One chap should have stayed at home… he probably wanted to… heavy breathing into his mask… told him to calm down, if there were bugs in the air, he’d be absorbing most of them with his breathing… seemed to do the trick!

Women tend to get this stuff better than blokes, who might behave a bit more macho… what’s this line for, huff, huff… lines here, why are you telling me to go there… because this is my space bros and you ain’t family is what I’m thinking… I just look them in the eye while pointing my index finger, seems to work 😉

As a father, I tend to be protective of my younger colleagues as we get “Checkout Creep” (CC) … you know where folk tend to move closer to the till… find myself flagging this to the customers on the next till, please move to the bottom of the checkout… the creep takes two forms, accidental and creepy!

Accidental CC gets a gentle ask… creepy tends to get my hackles up and a tad more force!

Check out the diagram above and below… try and log this in the brain as it helps maintain that 2m rule… having the trolley between you and the checkout alley prevents accidental CC.

Check Out Positions

Remember many of the people working at Tesco’s are also feeling very nervous but they have bills to pay and might be the sole breadwinner at this time… don’t get too close… don’t get shitty if they ask you to do something… do listen to what they say… and have a nice day 😉

And keep the mantra in your head “Only a fool breaks the 2 metre rule”

Also, listen to those people in your life obsessed with cleanliness at this time… don’t brush off their words with a wry smile as you usually do… wash your hands often… let their voice be in your head, it will help you.

When I get home from work I strip in the porch, put all my clothes in the wash and then have a shower.

Not saying you have to but after you’ve been out then it might be an idea to follow the same principle to minimise spreading anything into your living space.

Saying that, here is some good advice in a song… excuse the words mum but it gets the message across… probably one to share with your teenagers if they are refusing to stay in…

Thank you.


One response to “Only a Fool Breaks the 2 Metre Rule”

  1. HI Jon

    thank you for you’re email, but for someone that’s stopped watching the news the incredibly poor reporting and media hype, do we need to be told by people all the time how we should behave ? do you need to do that?

    Post the positive Jon-please

    Im generally an upbeat positive person and this last few weeks has been seriously taxing. Im fairly mentally strong 1-4 are not and the chances are many are not getting the services they were and many that were always going to be waiting for adult mental health and social care-

    I’ve seen enough people across a wealth of facebook pages starting to police each other -not a good idea !

    Everyone is stressed and anxious hence they react in fear. Its very tough times for people – those that have low tolerance to fear and anxiety will tell you to FO, its not right, but the strain people are under is huge

    -how about writing about how locally small business are helping each other, how local authority’s are helping those losing their jobs and getting them back into ew ones emerging?

    How about writing how to be compassionate even though your annoyed they arnt 5,2 foot away from you

    Share the great things we see. Teach people to see good not paranoia and fear

    Borris and co have gone off for easter after telling the country it was for three weeks

    I hope you and the MPs are ready for the fallout -when they find this could actually go on for months

    Shopping lines-home schooling-fractious parents-losing jobs-no contact with relatives-rise in mental health issues for adults and CYP

    Then what happened to the homeless how many old people are still being cared for by services -how do those who still need NHS services that help them stay mobile manage- lt doesn’t take long for people strength and balance to reduce , impacting the risk of falls

    If you want to see the data please go to NHS England -they have data on

    Crisis -self harm suicide Parental mental health CYP mental health Eating disordered and T4 settings ASD and ADHD on the waiting list Access and wait times and standards Impact of gambling Socio economic cost on mental health Parental mental health Childhood trauma

    So does Public Health and local authoritys

    I do hope the programmes to help the most vulnerable in society continue

    Also the kings fund cover all social issues and government initiatives

    Regds Mel Gabbi

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