RBWM Care for Extremely Vulnerable and Community Support Groups Update

Morning all, it looks like a nice sunny, if a tad chilly day to stay in your garden and do a few jobs that you’ve been meaning to do for years but never got round to… we have plenty of time now!

Latest news from the RBWM is that the care parcels for the extremely vulnerable are being sent out. Then the RBWM are phoning people to see if they are OK with the boxes or do they have special requirements, like gluten free, etc and sorting that out.

Half of these people are not wanting help as they have family and friends who can help so are saying, please help those truly in need, I’m OK. This is good because it ensures the most vulnerable are being helped at this time and not those who don’t really need it.

Common sense needs to be a priority right now.

We all know there are those in the community who abuse the trust of others by taking everything they can get for free… if that is the normal you, please put it on hold for a few months and then you can get back to your greedy self.

Saying that, obviously the list grows every day and if you know someone you think should be included then firstly ask them if they want help and then point them to this page… if they struggle with tech, fill it in on their behalf please…


Also if you are keen to volunteer, click above, fill in the form and they will connect you with a local group in your area.

For normal folk who are isolating there are community groups being set up all the time and you can find a list here…


If you know of groups that are not listed then please fill in the form at the end of that page and let me know… I will then add to the page for the benefit of residents and forward contacts to the RBWM.

The West Windsor Hub is the place to contact if you live in West Windsor and need help.

If you are more central then Windsor (U.K.) Community Emergency Plan Volunteers

I’d like to give a big shout out to Tesco for helping ensure Food Share has enough of the right products… they will be replacing the donation box in the store, please give generously but are also making up any shortfall.

Also, yesterday I called the manager of what was Wyevales (British Garden Centres) and they are happy to help if RBWM needs more space… the Town Hall is being used for now.

The community is pulling together…

Totally understand that many will be scared at this time but if you are able to help a neighbour who knows, likes and trusts you then we take the pressure of the RBWM and local volunteers… the load is shared and we get through this together…

Thank you.


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