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Reaching Out to My Fellow RBWM Councillors

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I have just sent an invite, to ALL those I could recognise, via Facebook to my fellow RBWM Councillors to be my friend at this time. I will then follow up by asking them to join the Love Windsor Facebook Group… even if they are from Maidenhead!

I’m not that keen on party politics most of the time although being a bloke, it is sometimes nice to have a bit of a ruck with an opposite number but in general, I prefer democratic debate and solutions found.

I appreciate that those Councillors who are part of a national party have rules and protocol they have to conform to but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and simply agree to disagree on a point… quite often they do agree but can’t be seen to… personally I would really struggle with that but then I don’t see myself as a politician, simply a local bloke (a northerner abroad) trying to help his community.

I shocked myself this week when the Tory ex-leader Simon Dudley announced on Twitter he had registered as an NHS volunteer… we have had our disagreements but I saluted his bravery with a retweet and a few words.

At the weekend the Lib Dems pushed out a story via the media which I struggled to see the value in… I told them what I thought.

If my fellow Independent Councillors do things I don’t agree with, I tend to say what I think so we all know where we stand on a particular topic.

It’s in the blood…


So at this time of national upheaval, I call on my fellow Councillors to lower their party colours and stand as one behind the RBWM banner… it is a pretty one 😉

Let’s not draw lines, let them smudge a while and trust that those who are leading formally and informally on a given topic are simply doing what needs to be done with the best interests of residents at the core of their thinking.

We can take those that abuse this trust, on all sides, to task after and make sure the residents know. For now, let’s act as one unit…

Thank you.


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