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Tesco Dedworth appeal to customers and news on the one-way system…

Tesco Dedworth store

On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tesco Dedworth are trying to help the elderly and are doing a great job… letting them in at 8:30am to opening the tills at 9:00am…

Thing is, normal customers are turning up after 9:00am and this is putting stress on the older people and the checkout process. If you could wait until after 10:00am that would be helpful.

Thank you.

On another note, over the next few days Tesco Dedworth will be getting some floor arrows, creating a one-way system and the checkout queuing process is being improved… a seen on TV… screen’s already up…

tesco screen faces removed

On a personal note, I noticed a number of people pulling stock off the shelf today to date check… if you could ponder this a moment… please stop… just take the product and move on… do you want 20 people handling a product before you buy it? No… think on, world has changed…

Thank you.


2 responses to “Tesco Dedworth appeal to customers and news on the one-way system…”

  1. With the greatest respect, the world of course has changed- however in an attempt to not have to go out again and risk both self and others, people are naturally going to look for a longer shelf life. If one is to stay at home, as is pertinent right now, then buying goods which will last longer maybe makes sense? Also many people are buying for several households (elderly family, isolated neighbours etc) and trying to be conscious of having to purchase for them also. Yes in an ideal world nobody would be touching anything… but this is not an ideal time and I think you simplify things that just are not simple.
    Also if the arrows in Dedworth are anything like the slough store then they’re impossible to follow. They are placed in the middle of the aisle so you only see them once you’re already in the aisle- often coming in the wrong way.
    Stay safe and well… I think most people are just trying to do the best they can.

  2. Dear Jon,

    Really liking your newsletters, especially now.

    You make interesting points about Tesco. I went there on Monday to do my weekly shop and, having been worried about going was very pleasantly surprised when I got there at about 11 o’clock. Shopped comfortably and got everything we needed. One thing I did almost do, which you refer to was pick up a pack of chicken and seeing that the date was two days away, almost put it back, but realised the implication of what I was about to do and decided it would be going in the freezer for later in the week anyway, so it really didn’t matter. You make an excellent point – things have changed.

    Keep safe, Kind regards, Sue

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